Welcome !

Welcome on this brand new blog dedicated to indie game development !

What a strange feeling it is to launch a new blog, in 2021, more than 10 years after my first tech-oriented blog. Alright, let’s focus again and leave this nostaly behind. It is time to write the first post ever on this new blog.

So, welcome on what should be a better way for me to share with you my advices, projects, tutorials and other informations regarding indie games.

For those who don’t already know me, I am Gaspard Rosay and I am an indie game developer on my free time. I’m 28 years old, I live in the sweet lands of the french-part of Switzerland. Along with my passion for game dev, I’m also a passionate photographer, a proven software developer (seeking for a new job at the moment), married and proud to be the father of a 2 years old boy.

You probably understood it, while I’m trying to use a maximum of my free time for game development, my personnal situation makes this time fractionned, limited to a few minutes from time to time. I logically can’t spend a full day to develop my games. For that reason, I try to organize this time the best I can, by planing my projects. And that’s what make this passion even more intense.

If you didn’t knew me before, let me tell you that I produce regular devlogs that I post on my YouTube channel. For now, I’m releasing a new episode every Mondays and Fridays at 20pm CET.

See you very soon for a new blog post!

Until then, keep it up !